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Edwin Austin Abbey, Dirge of the Three Queens, 1895, Pastel on Paper, Signed and Dated
Edwin Austin Abbey
AFRO, 1912 – 1976, Sagra degli Uccelli, 1962, Lithograph on Paper, H 18.5" x W 22.75", Signed and Numbered
Erol Akyavas, 1932 – 1999, Om Series, 1993, Mixed Media Including Gold on Handmade Paper, H 11.875” x W 10.5”, Signed and Dated Lower Right – “Erol/93”
Erol Akyavas
HENRY ALEXANDER, In the Laboratory, ca. 1885–87, Oil Painting
Henry Alexander
JOHN WHITE ALEXANDER, Repose, 1895, Oil on Canvas, Signed
John White Alexander
WASHINGTON ALLSTON, The Spanish Girl in Reverie, 1831, Oil painting
Washington Allston
John Altoon
John Altoon
Ezra Ames
Ezra Ames
Fernando Amorsolo
Fernando Amorsolo
Garden, 1962
Edna Andrade
Ambrose Andrews
Ambrose Andrews
Thomas Anshutz
Thomas Anshutz
Madison, 1971
Stephen Antonakos
RICHARD ANUSZKIEWICZ, Reflections III - White Line, 1979, Acrylic On Gessoed Masonite With Screenprint, H 61.125” x W 47.125”,  Signed, Edition # and Dated Lower Right
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Ruth Asawa
Ruth Asawa
Black Warrior (No. 18), 1830
John James Audubon
Tauba Auerbach
Vendors, 1973
Tam Austria
Alice Baber
Francis Bacon
Vendors, 1973
Henry Bacon
Joseph Badger
Joseph Badger
Jo Baer
John F. Kensett, 1875
George Augustus Baker Jr
Throwing Three Balls In The Air To Get A Straight Line, 1973
John Baldessari
La Petite Pensée, ca. 1867–69
Thomas Ball
The Struggle of the Two Natures in Man, 1888
George Grey Barnard
Preparedness, 1915–16
Paul Wayland Bartlett
Georg Baselitz
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Untitled, 1957
William Baziotes
Giraffes in Mirage on the Taru Desert, Kenya, 1960 (later imp)
Peter Beard
William Holbrook Beard, 1860's
William Holbrook Beard
Ernesta, 1914
Cecilia Beaux
The Veronese Print (Black Chalk and Pastel), ca. 1890
James Carroll Beckwith
SMS 189, 1991
Larry Bell
Tennis at Newport, 1919
George Bellows
Portrait of a Gentleman, ca. 1770–72
Henry Benbridge
Lagniappe, 1978
Lynda Benglis
Ben Benn
Ben Benn
Edward Bereal
Trinity Church from Wall Street
Johann Berthelsen
Untitled, 1991
Natvar Bhavsar
Albert Bierstadt
Albert Bierstadt
Fur Traders Descending the Missouri, 1845
George Caleb Bingham
Peter Blake, Babe Rainbow, 1968/1969
Peter Blake
An Indian Encampment, circa 1880-90
Ralph Albert Blakelock
Jose Blanco
Jose Blanco
Flag Station, Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1925
Oscar Bluemner
View from the Artist's Window, Grove Street, ca. 1900
Robert Frederick Blum
J.B. Blunk
Corn Husking, ca. 1863–64
David Gilmour Blythe
Untitled Abstract, 1959
Seymour Boardman
On the Thames, 1883
Frank Myers Boggs
The Real and the Unreal, circa 1960
Aaron Bohrod
Fifth Stone, 1964
Lee Bontecou
Rider, Central Park, circa 1950
Louis Bosa
Haitian Girls, circa 1960
Angel Botello
Gold Miners, Johannesburg, South Africa , 1950
Margaret Bourke-White
Mark Bradford
Shipwreck off Nantucket, circa 1860-61
William Bradford
Robert Bolling Brandegee, The Monk, 1880
Robert Bolling Brandegee
Abraham Lincoln, 1907
Victor David Brenner
James Brooks
Romaine Brooks
3 Studies After “An Election: An Election Entertainment” by William Hogarth, 2004
Cecily Brown
View at Amalfi, Bay of Salerno, 1857
George Loring Brown
Meditation, ca. 1900–1910
John George Brown
Portrait of a Young Woman, 1801
Mather Brown
Still Life of Flowers in a Jug , 1956
Byron Browne
Objects on a Table, ca. 1920–21
Patrick Henry Bruce
Alan Harriman, 1905
George de Forest Brush
Game, 1953
Fritz Bultman
Eleanor Hardy Bunker, 1890
Dennis Miller Bunker
Alberto Burri
Eurydice Bitten by the Snake, 1930
Bryson Burroughs
Edith Woodman Burroughs, At the Threshold, 1912
Edith Woodman Burroughs
Rock of Ages #2, Granite Quarry, Bebee, Quebec, 1991
Edward Burtynsky
Jack Bush
Rainy Season – Southern California, 1906 – 1907
Howard Russell Butler
Un Jardin, Maison Baptiste, 1895
Theodore Earl Butler
Lake Tahoe, circa 1860's
Frederick Butman
Portrait of Bill Miller, 1943
Paul Cadmus
Dancer, circa 1950's
Doris Caesar
Little Ida,1869
Charles Calverley
Blackfish and Clams, circa 1880-90
Emil Carlsen
Snow Flurries, 1930–40
John Fabian Carlson
Lake George, 1857
John William Casilear
Portrait of a Young Girl, 1899
Mary Cassatt
Vija Celmins
Violin and Bow, 1889
Jefferson Chalfant
John Chamberlain
Lake George and the Village of Caldwell, ca. 1850s
Thomas Chambers
Screen: "Porcupines" and "Nightmare", 1914
Robert Winthrop Chanler
At the Seaside, ca. 1892
William Merritt Chase
Untitled (for Stewart), 1977, Acrylic on Canvas, H 14.75" x W 8", Signed, Dated, and Inscribed Verso
Dan Christensen
John Christensen, Train & Cirkus, 1927
John Christensen
Heart of the Andes, 1859
Frederic Edwin Church
Frans Martin Claerhout, Three Figures Harvesting, n.d.
Frans Martin Claerhout
Bay and Harbor of New York from Bedlow's Island, ca. 1865
Edmund C. Coates
iew from Mount Holyoke, Northampton, Massachusetts, 1836
Thomas Cole
Apple Blossoms, 1889
Charles Caryl Coleman
Speakeasy, 1931
Glenn O. Coleman
Dan Colen
Finish—First International Race for America's Cup, 1870
Samuel Colman
Clearing Off, ca. 1900
Charlotte Buell Coman
George Condo
Thetis and Achilles, 1874
Pierce Francis Connelly
Grand Central Station, 1909
Colin Campbell Cooper
John Singleton Copley
John Singleton Copley
Joseph Cornell
Winter Landscape, circa 1910
Paul Cornoyer
Pedro Coronel
Pedro Coronel
Still Life, circa 1990's
Will Cotton
The Peace Pipe, 1901
Eanger Irving Couse
Augustus Saint-Gaudens, 1887
Kenyon Cox
Snow Scene
Bruce Crane
Genius of Mirth, 1842-43
Thomas Crawford
The Valley of Wyoming, 1865
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Skating on the Wissahickon, 1875
Johann Culverhouse
Betty Gallowhur, 1922
Charles Courtney Curran
John Currin
Wisconsin Landscape, 1938–39
John Steuart Curry
Howard Cushing
Slumbering Fog, ca. 1900–1905
Elliott Daingerfield
Appeal to the Great Spirit, 1913
Cyrus Edwin Dallin
La Famille, 1970
Vu Cao Dam
Heart's Ease, 1863
William Dana
33-66, 1966
Nassos Daphnis
Robert Dash, Landscape, 1962
Robert Dash
Yoga Structures No. 7, 1977
Alan Davie
August, ca. 1908
Charles Harold Davis
Untitled Abstract, 1983
Gene Davis
Docks on Sunday, ca. 1941
Joseph De Martini
Composition-Paysage (Le Castelet), 1953
Nicolas de Stael
Gooseberries, 1896
Joseph Decker
Plant Lady, 1957
Dorothy Dehner
Small Daffodils, ca. 1914
Charles Demuth
The Letter, 1895–1900
Thomas Wilmer Dewing
Vase of Flowers, ca. 1926
Preston Dickinson
Richard Diebenkorn
Venus in Atrium, ca. 1908-10
William de Leftwich Dodge
Peter Doig
The Age of History, 1990-1991
Enrico Donati
Windflowers, 1912
Gaines Ruger Donoho
On the Hudson, 1830–35
Thomas Doughty
Pond in Sunlight, 1935
Arthur Dove
View of Ipswich, ca. 1895
Arthur Wesley Dow
Edward Dugmore
Marlene Dumas
Landscape with Cows Watering in a Stream, 1871
Robert Seldon Duncanson
High Point: Shandaken Mountains, 1853
Asher Brown Durand
Susannah or Mary Bontecou, ca. 1768–70
John Durand
Red School House (Country Scene), 1858
George Henry Durrie
Lady with Fan, 1873
Frank Duveneck
Marcel Dyf, French Tuileries' Garden, facing Place de la Concorde, Paris, c. 1950
Marcel Dyf
Friedel Dzubas
Woman Reading, 1879–84
Susan Macdowell Eakins
The Artist's Wife and His Setter Dog, ca. 1884–89
Thomas Eakins
Elijah Boardman, 1789
Ralph Earl
Girl Skating, 1906
Abastenia Saint Leger Eberle
The New Bonnet, 1858
Francis William Edmonds
Samuel Humes, ca. 1825
Jacob Eichholtz
Louis Michel Eilshemius
Louis Michel Eilshemius
Untitled (Iceland Series), 2006
Olafur Eliasson
Mathew Brady, 1857
Charles Loring Elliott
Sunset, circa 1900
John Joseph Enneking
Rolling Into Port, circa 1930
George Pearse Ennis
Composition in Yellow and Black, 1947
Jimmy Ernst
Richard Estes
Polyhymnia, 1869
Giuseppe (Joseph) Fagnani
M80, 1969
Wojciech Fangor
A Successful Hunt, 1906
Henry François Farny
Winter Scene in Moonlight, 1869
Henry Farrer
Lorser Feitelson
Tench Francis, 1746
Robert Feke
Herbert Ferber, Untitled Abstract, 1962
Herbert Ferber
Untitled Abstract, 1952
John Ferren
Girl of the Bangs, ca. 1848
Erastus Salisbury Field
Pale Gold & Grey, circa 1950
Perle Fine
Wildcat, ca. 1926–30
John Bernard Flannagan
Composition of a House, ca. 1940
Thomas Flavell
Mark Flood
Lucio Fontana
Gunther Forg
Still Life with Fruit, ca. 1857
John F Francis
Sam Francis
West Wind, 1997
Helen Frankenthaler
Painting & Sculpture, 1899
Daniel Chester French
Lucian Freud
Arnold Friedman
Arnold Friedman
Summer, 1914
Frederick Carl Frieseke
The Quadroon, 1880
George F Fuller
François Gall, Eugénie et Marie-Lize enfants dans un parc, c. 1948-49
Francois Gall
New York Waterfront, 1930
Emil Ganso
Broad Acres, 1887
Edward Gay
The Green Salon, ca. 1912
Walter Gay
Near the Coast, ca. 1885
Robert Swain Gifford
A Gorge in the Mountains (Kauterskill Clove), 1862
Sanford Robinson Gifford
Gilbert & George
Bad River Series, 1988
Sam Gilliam
Crowd at the Seashore, ca. 1910
William James Glackens
Flowered Table Top, 1978
Ralph Goings
Michael Goldberg, 1924 - 2007, Miniature, Rosemary of My Excessive Pallor, 1993, Oil on Canvas, H 22.25” x W 21.25”, Signed, Dated and Titled Verso
Michael Goldberg
The Green Sofa, ca. 1930–40
Anne Goldthwaite
Horses III, 1960
Robert Goodnough
Louis Kronberg in His Studio in Copley Hall, ca. 1913
Arthur Clifton Goodwin
Sidney Gordin, Untitled, 1957
Sidney Gordin
Arshile Gorky
Adolph Gottlieb
Henry O. Tanner, 1896
Charles Grafly
Time of Change, circa 1944
Morris Graves
The Greek Lovers, 1846
Henry Peters Gray
George Washington, 1827–28
Horatio Greenough
Tightrope, ca. 1922
William Gropper
Mark Grotjahn
One Third of a Nation, 1939
O. Louis Guglielmi
Andreas Gursky
he Crossing Sweeper, ca. 1860
Seymour Joseph Guy
Wade Guyton
A Bachelor's Drawer, 1890–94
John Haberle
Niagara Falls, 1902
Philip Leslie Hale
The Flatiron Building, 1919
Samuel Halpert
Untitled (Shadow Head #6), circa 1990's
Richard Hambleton
Richard Hamilton
Mrs. Thomas Brewster Coolidge, ca. 1827
Chester (Charles) Harding
Still Life—Violin and Music, 1888
William Harnett
The Trees, Early Afternoon, France, ca. 1905
William A. Harper
Castles in Spain (Chateaux en Espagne), ca. 1882
Alexander Harrison
From Shifting Shade, 1887
James McDougal Hart
William Hart, Scene at Napanoch
William Hart
Banquet in Silence, 1935–36
Marsden Hartley
Santa Maria della Salute, Sunset, 1870–85
William Stanley Haseltine
Surf, Isles of Shoals, 1913
Childe Hassam
View of the Bay and City of New York from Weehawken, 1840
Robert Havell Jr.
The Trousseau, 1910
Charles Webster Hawthorne
Landscape with Sheep, 1885
Charles Henry Hayden
Newburyport Meadows, ca. 1876–81
Martin Johnson Heade
Euphemia White Van Rensselaer, 1842
George P. A. Healy
Dutch Girl in White, 1907
Robert Henri
The 9:45 Accommodation, 1867
Edward Lamson Henry
Addie Herder, Small Black Church with Stripes, 1974–75
Addie Herder
Eva Hesse
Mrs. Richard Galloway, 1764
John Hesselius
Peaceable Kingdom, ca. 1830–32
Edward Hicks
Badagara (Wall Hanging), 1966
Sheila Hicks
Mrs. Thomas Hicks, ca. 1884
Thomas Hicks
A Study of Trap Rock (Buttermilk Falls), 1863
John Henry Hill
John William Hill
John William Hill
Thomas Hill
Thomas Hill
Rats amongst the Barley Sheaves, 1851
Thomas Hewes Hinckley
Hans Hofmann
Boys in a Dory, 1873
Winslow Homer
#54, 1961
Budd Hopkins
Jerusalem the Golden, 1892–94
Thomas Hovenden
Sand Bank with Willows, Magnolia, 1877
William Morris Hunt
Study in a Wood, 1861
Daniel Huntington
Robert Indiana
The Flower Girl, 1846
Charles Cromwell Ingham
Janet Halleck Drake, 1825
Henry Inman
Spring Blossoms, Montclair, New Jersey, ca. 1891
George Inness
Mrs. Robert Dickey (Anne Brown), 1807–10
John Wesley Jarvis
Paul Jenkins
Paul Jenkins
Jasper Johns
Bayside, New Rochelle, New York, 1886
David Johnson
Christmas-Time, The Blodgett Family, 1864
Eastman Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Pawns Men, 1963
Lester Johnson
The Sisters, 1913
Francis Coates Jones
Autumn, ca. 1881–92
Hugh Bolton Jones
Donald Judd
The Monongahela River Valley, Pennsylvania, 1931
John Kane
Waterfront, ca. 1940
Joseph Kaplan
Anish Kapoor
Alex Katz
On to Liberty, 1867
Theodore Kaufmann
Approaching Storm, 1880
William Keith
Mike Kelley
Ellsworth Kelly
The American Star (George Washington), ca. 1803
Frederick Kemmelmeyer
John Frederick Kensett
John Frederick Kensett
Young Greenland Mother, 1933
Rockwell Kent
Ivory-billed Woodpeckers, ca. 1830–31
Joseph Bartholomew Kidd
Anselm Kiefer
Joseph Keiffer, 41 August, 1999
Joseph Keiffer
Martin Kippenberger
Moise Kisling
Yaller Bird, 1964
R.B. Kitaj
Franz Kline
Jannis Kounellis
Lee Krasner
Barbara Kruger
Ikon – Red & Yellow, 1960
Robert Kulicke
Arrangement with Magnolias, circa 1983
Bruce Kurland
Yayoi Kusama
Wild Roses and Irises, 1887
John La Farge
The Mountain, 1913
Gaston Lachaise
Gerald Laing
Side of a Greenhouse, ca. 1870–80
George Cochran Lambdin
Stage Fort across Gloucester Harbor, 1862
Fitz Henry Lane
William Merritt Chase, ca. 1910
Annie Traquair Lang
Louis Lang, Women's Art Class, ca. 1868
Louis Lang
The Atlantides, 1951
Ibram Lassaw
Maria Lassnig
The Meadows, 1897
William Langson Lathrop
Winter, 1914
Ernest Lawson
Amory Sibley Carhart, ca. 1860–65
Thomas Le Clear
Hughie Lee-Smith, Untitled (Head of a Woman), 1969
Hughie Lee-Smith
Still LIfe, circa 1960's
Le Pho
Sadeh, 1974
Rita Letendre
Washington Crossing the Delaware, 1851
Emanuel Leutze
Fishing Boats, Exmouth, England, 1905
Hayley Lever
Untitled, 1988
Sol LeWitt
Untitled, 1977
Alexander Liberman
The Conquerors (Culebra Cut, Panama Canal), 1913
Jonas Lie
Glenn Ligon
Untitled Abstract, 1958
Frank Lobdell
Morris Louis
Aurora, 1894
Will Hicok Low
Nate Lowman
Boy with Baseball, ca. 1925
George Luks
Loren MacIver
Loren MacIver
Diana, 1888–89
Frederick William MacMonnies
A Town in France, 1916
Middleton Manigault
Conrad Marca-Relli
Brice Marden
Agnes Martin
Homer Dodge Martin
Homer Dodge Martin
Woman, 1972
Knox Martin
Still Life with Fish, 1927–28
Alfred Maurer
Old Annapolis, Francis Street, 1876
Francis Blackwell Mayer
In Strange Seas, 1889
George Willoughby Maynard
John McCracken
Saturday Afternoon, 1875
Jervis McEntee
John McLaughlin
Venezia, ca. 1865–66
Larkin Goldsmith Mead
In the Studio (Gari Melchers and Hugo Reisinger), 1912
Gari Melchers
Hillside Pastures—September, 1922
Willard Leroy Metcalf
Grégoire Michonze, Untitled [Figures], 1959
Grégoire Michonze
A Cosey Corner, 1884
Francis Davis Millet
Joan Mitchell
A Discussion, ca. 1890–95
Louis Moeller
Flowers of the Field, 1913
F. Luis Mora
The Teton Range, 1897
Thomas Moran
June 10, 1961
Kyle Morris
George Morrison
Susan Walker Morse (The Muse), ca. 1836–37
Samuel F. B. Morse
Just Moved, 1870
Henry Mosler
Cider Making, 1840–41
William Sidney Mount
Harem Scene, ca. 1884–1900
Henry Siddons Mowbray
Landscape, ca. 1880–1900
John Francis Murphy
Street Group, ca. 1923
Jerome Myers
Untitled Abstract, circa 1975
Robert Natkin
John Haviland, 1828
John Neagle
Untitled (Seated Youth), 1980
Alice Neel
Toreador, 1966
LeRoy Neiman
Louise Nevelson
The Fortune Teller, ca. 1894
Robert Loftin Newman
Caestus, 1883–85
Charles Henry Niehaus
Isamu Noguchi
Modest Georges Inesco, 1978
Kenneth Noland
Untitled, circa 1970
Kenzo Okada
Luigi Ontani, Attimo Volante All'Attico (Self-portrait), 1974
Luigi Ontani
Alfonso Ossorio
Blinky Palermo
Indian Girl, 1853–56
Erastus Dow Palmer
Silent Dawn, ca. 1919
Walter Launt Palmer
Girl with a Kitten, ca. 1926
Jules Pascin
Tea Leaves, 1909
William McGregor Paxton
Portrait of a Gentleman, 1832
Anna Claypoole Peale
Margaret Strachan (Mrs. Thomas Harwood), ca. 1771
Charles Willson Peale
James Peale, Still Life: Balsam Apple and Vegetables, ca. 1820s
James Peale
Still Life with Cake, 1818
Raphaelle Peale
Rembrandt Peale
Rembrandt Peale
The Arab Jeweler, ca. 1882
Charles Sprague Pearce
The Raymond Children, ca. 1838
Robert Peckham
LAB Painting (So I Independent in Georgia in the 90s black), 2006
Adam Pendleton
White Lines, 1941
Irene Rice Pereira
Talking It Over, 1872
Enoch Wood Perry
Office Board, 1885
John Frederick Peto
Stella, Die Fahne Hoch, 1959, circa 1965
Richard Pettibone
Elizabeth Peyton
Mrs. Mayer and Daughter, 1835–40
Ammi Phillips
Banks of the Loing, ca. 1894–97
William Lamb Picknell
Otto Piene
Victorian Interior I, 1945
Horace Pippin
Michelangelo Pistoletto
George Washington, ca. 1790
Charles Peale Polk
Sigmar Polke
Arnaldo Pomodoro
Larry Poons
Larry Poons
The Oak Door, 1887
Alexander Pope
 Cracked Watermelon, ca. 1890–95
Charles Ethan Porter
Richard Pousette-Dart
America, 1850–54
Hiram Powers
The American School, 1765
Matthew Pratt
Low Tide, Beachmont, ca. 1900–1905
Maurice Brazil Prendergast
Ken Price
Richard Prince
Martin Puryear
Leatherstocking's Rescue, 1832
John Quidor
Charles Sidney Raleigh
Charles Sidney Raleigh
Mel Ramos
Amory S. Carhart, Jr., 1903
Ellen Emmet Rand
High Bridge, New York, 1905
Henry Ward Ranger
Test Stone #3 (from Booster and 7 Studies), 1967
Robert Rauschenberg
Still Life with Fruit
Carducius Ream
No. 174, 1982
David Reed
Fleur de Lis, ca. 1895–1900
Robert Reid
The Cheyenne, 1901
Frederic Remington
Untitled, 1948
Milton Resnick
Susquehanna below Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, 1852
Thomas Addison Richards
William Trost Richards, Surf on Rocks, 1890s
William Trost Richards
Gerhard Richter
Bridget Riley
William Rimmer
William Rimmer
Untitled (from the 'Post Cards' Series), 1961
Larry Rivers
Low Tide, Riverside Yacht Club, 1894
Theodore Robinson
Still Life: Flowers and Fruit, 1850–55
Severin Roesen
Ruth Gleaning, 1850
Randolph Rogers
Mark Rothko
Looking Over Old Marblehead, circa 1928
Orlando Rouland
Sterling Ruby
Ed Ruscha
Under a Cloud, ca. 1900
Albert Pinkham Ryder
Robert Ryman
Kay Sage
Diana, 1892–93
Augustus Saint-Gaudens
The Custom House at Greenock, Scotland, 1828
Robert Salmon
Lucas Samaras
Corriendo a Solas (Running Alone), circa 1970
Juvenal Sanso
Landscape with Goatherd, 1890–1891
John Singer Sargent
Untitled, ca. 1916
Morton Schamberg
The Third Avenue Railroad Depot, ca. 1859–60
William H. Schenck
Julian Schnabel
Sand Dunes near Lelant, Cornwall, England, 1905
Walter Elmer Schofield
In Hot Pursuit, circa 1900
Charles Schreyvogel
William Scott
Frog Fountain, 1901
Janet Scudder
Sean Scully
Sean Scully
Cornflowers in Ceramic Vase, 1943
Arthur Segal
Richard Serra
Levi Hale Willard, 1857
Samuel Hayden Sexton
Man Standing in Front of Movie Theater, Omar, West Virginia, 1935
Ben Shahn
Jungle Tales (Contes de la Jungle), 1895
James Jebusa Shannon
Albert Gallatin, ca. 1796
James Sharples Sr.
Aaron Draper Shattuck
Aaron Draper Shattuck
Joshua Shaw
Joshua Shaw
Cindy Sherman
Everett Shinn
Amy Sillman
The Promised Land, 1873–74
Franklin W. Simmons
Night Carnival, 1961-62
Merton Simpson
Marsh Grass, Gloucester, 1914
John Sloan
Mrs. Francis Brinley and Her Son Francis, 1729
John Smibert
East Hampton Meadows, 1883
George Henry Smillie
On the Ausable, 1869
James David Smillie
Les Danseurs (The Dancers), 1930
Albert Alexander Smith
Mission Control to Sojourner, 1997
Hassel Smith
Frontier Cabin, 1894
William Louis Sonntag Sr.
George William Sotter
George William Sotter
Mary Ann Garrits, 1834
Frederick R. Spencer
Conversation Piece, ca. 1851–52
Lilly Martin Spencer
Repairing the Bridge, 1913
Robert Spencer
Matthew Spender, #16 Remote Foreground, 1981
Matthew Spender
The Williamson Family, ca. 1841–42
John Mix Stanley
Hills of Brown County, Indiana, circa 1915
Theodore Clement Steele
Oil Sketch #3, 1959
Joseph Stefanelli
Pat Steir
Equal Work / Equal Pay, 1918
Joseph Stella
The Cathedrals of Wall Street, 1939
Florine Stettheimer
Sung Vase (Zinnias), 1939
Ethelyn Cosby Stewart
Rudolf Stingel
Joseph Whiting Stock, John and Louisa Stock, 1845
Joseph Whiting Stock
William Wetmore Story, The Libyan Sibyl, 1861
William Wetmore Story
Gilbert Stuart, George Washington, 1795
Gilbert Stuart
Silvery Morning, circa 1930
Dedrick Stuber
Mother and Son, 1840
Thomas Sully
An Opalescent River, 1909
George Gardner Symons
Doe and Two Fawns, 1882
Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait
Return of the Redwing, ca. 1900
Allen Butler Talcott
Flight Into Egypt, 1923
Henry Ossawa Tanner
Across the Room, ca. 1899
Edmund Charles Tarbell
Dance in a Subterranean Roundhouse at Clear Lake, California, 1878
Jules Tavernier
Lenore Tawney
Chu Teh-Chun
Young Woman, ca. 1898
Abbott Thayer
Mrs. John Dart, ca. 1772–74
Jeremiah Theus
Spring, 1838
Cephas Giovanni Thompson
The Belated Party on Mansfield Mountain, 1858
Jerome B. Thompson
Snake Charmer at Tangier, Africa, 1872
Louis Comfort Tiffany
Walasse Ting
Untitled Abstract, 1954
Julius Tobias
The Etcher, ca. 1887–89
Stacy Tolman
George Washington before the Battle of Trenton
John Trumbull
Dawn—Early Spring, 1894
Dwight William Tryon
Interior, 1921
Allen Tucker
Horseneck Falls, ca. 1889–1900
John Henry Twachtman
Disappearing Oval (B.Y.G.P), 1969
Stanley Twardowicz
Cy Twombly
Untitled (Calendar Collage), 1959
Jack Tworkov
Guenther Uecker
Glass Blowers of Murano, 1886
Charles Frederic Ulrich
Marshall O. Roberts, 1884
Ames Van Wart
Portrait of the Artist, 1800
John Vanderlyn
New York, 1935
Maximilian Vanka
The Pleiades, 1885
Elihu Vedder
Black, White and Orange, 1962
Esteban Vicente
Right Hand of Abraham Lincoln, 1860; cast 1886
Leonard Wells Volk
Oxen Ploughing (Old Lyme), circa 1930
Edward Volkert
The Bridge at Grez, ca. 1907–11
Robert Vonnoh
A Morning Vision, 1895
Henry Oliver Walker
The Harrower, ca. 1890–95
Horatio Walker
Isadora Duncan (Hands Clasped), circa 1915
Abraham Walkowitz
Interior View of Metropolitan Museum at 14th St., 1881
Frank Waller
Edgar Melville Ward
Edgar Melville Ward
The Indian Hunter, 1860
John Quincy Adams Ward
Diana, 1887
Olin Levi Warner
Angles sur Anglin, circa 1930
Abel Warshawsky
Floral Still Life, circa 1930
Alexander Warshawsky
The Passing of Summer, 1912
Harry Watrous
The Roaring Forties, 1908
Frederick Judd Waugh
Max Weber, The Balcony, 1929
Max Weber
The Rajah Starting on a Hunt, 1892
Edwin Lord Weeks
Forging the Shaft, 1874–77
John Ferguson Weir
Fruit, ca. 1888
Julian Alden Weir
General Winfield Scott, ca. 1855
Robert Walter Weir
John Wesley
The Power of Love in the Three Elements, 1809
Benjamin West
Snow Scene, circa 1930's
Constantin Westchiloff
Untitled, 1964
Kim Whanki
Cremorne Gardens, No. 2, ca. 1870–80
James Abbott McNeill Whistler
The Antiquary, 1855
Edwin White
View of the Hudson River from the Catskills, 1870s
Stanford White
The Trout Pool, 1870
Worthington Whittredge
Flower Still Life with Pocket Watch (Trompe l’oeil), 1964
Raymond Whyte
Donald Roller Wilson, She Didn’t Like It, 1987/55
Donald Roller Wilson
William Axtell, ca. 1749–52
John Wollaston
Untitled, Circa 1947-1949
Thomas Waterman Wood
Thomas Waterman Wood
In the Sunlight, circa 1915
Mabel May Woodward
Christopher Wool
A Street in Ikao, Japan, 1895
Theodore Wores
Tennessee, 1866
Alexander Helwig Wyant
Untitled Drawing No. 1, 1962
Jean Xceron
Sunset, ca. 1870–80
Harvey Otis Young
Stonington, Maine, 1919
William Zorach
Anders Zorn, 1860 - 1920, Dagmar, 1912, Etching, H 9.675" x W 7", Signed Lower Right
Anders Zorn