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Julian Schnabel (born 1951)

Born in New York City, Julian Schnabel became a much-recognized painter of abstract art who loved to experiment with the application of medium to various grounds. He explored techniques of achieving a three-dimensional effect on two-dimensional surfaces by boring holes and adding protrusions such as broken crockery. In 1978, he traveled in Spain and was much affected by the many mosaics he observed.

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Houston in 1973, and spent two years in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York and then moved back to Texas for eight months. He had a solo show at the Contemporary Art Museum in Houston. He spent three years working as a cook in New York restaurants, and then traveled through Europe painting. In 1979, he created a sensation in the New York art scene with his one-man show at the Mary Boone Gallery. He continues to work and live in New York City and has been linked in style to Jackson Pollock.

Biography from the Archives of AskART