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Francois Gall was born in Kolosvar, Transylvania in 1912. Gall began his artistic career at the Royal Academy of Art in Rome where he studied multiple artistic disciplines. The artist’s big break came in the form of a scholarship that enabled him to move to Paris.

In Paris Gall honed his talents at the National Academy of Fine Arts. Gall was drawn to the work of the early impressionists who greatly influenced his style. Typical subjects of his paintings included everyday Parisian scenes as well as portraits of women. Gall used these traditional impressionist subjects and imbued them with his own unique style.

Gall received numerous awards in his lifetime, beginning with recognition at the Paris Salon of 1947. The accolaids culminated in his receiving of the highest honor bestowed upon an artist in France - The Chevalier dans ‘Odre des Arts de Lettres.