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Robert Dash (1931 - 2013)

Robert Dash is known for his Hamptons paintings.  Dash 's painterly  sensuality is purely American.  It is clear and direct, recording the commonplace.  Never at a loss for subject matter among the fields and hedgerows of the Hamptons, Robert Dash has long been associated with a with a sensual realm over the merely intellectual, favoring the "ultimate reality" of immediate physical experience.

Dash never formally studying painting, he developed a strong interest in the abstract expressionists, particularly De Kooning, at The University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, which he attended in part to escape the city.  After college Robert Dash spent a year in Italy and upon returning to New York City worked for Arts and then Art News, while painting at night.  He had his first show in 1960.  Since then, he has painted, written and gardened near Sagg Pond on eastern Long Island, at residence among the changeable celebration of plantings, paths, views and architectural expressions of Madoo, a much-admired garden conservatory of his own making.


A longtime Hamptons resident, Dash's works have been exhibited in one-man exhibitions in Holland, England, and Germany as well as numerous major American art galleries.  He also participated in many group exhibitions including the Museum of Modern Art, Yale University and the Fine Arts Gallery University of Missouri.  His works are also featured in museum collections including the Butler Institute; University Art Museum - University of Califormial;  Corcoran Gallery; Modern Art Museum, Munich; Guggenheim Museum; Boston Museum of Fine Arts; Philadelphia Museum of Fine Arts; and Yale University Art Museum.

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